Connect with your vulnerability. Experience the full potential of your being through sensory practices. Liberate your orgasmic power. Deepen your connection with yourself and your partner.

Learn how to connect in a deeper and richer way with yourself and others.

It's about awakening ourselves and our bodies, redefining the values and perception of pleasure and our sexuality, expanding them to a state of super-consciousness. Opening the divine feminine within you.

This is a 12 hours workshop divided in 2 days

You will experience

  • Meditation for non-meditators
  • Subtle energy exchange Dynamics
  • Breathing connection exercises
  • Ritual for nudity and acceptance of vulnerability

You will learn in tantric massage

  • the 4 elemental touches
  • Lingan/yoni Massage; Genital massage for Chakra opening 
  • And other orgasmic exercises for the couple

We will also take a journey on circular meditations

  • Multi dimensional healing visualizations
  • Sexual energy exchange

We will also do a lot of Heart Sharing to tune in to our feelings and share them in words (this is part of the super-sensitization process, not just the body work).

All of this is for the couple to open up and shine in their vulnerability and authenticity in pure connection.

Some discussions from the perspective of the tantra school on gender roles, performative sex, pornography,, feti.shes, and all the mental facets that can keep us close or far from real pleasure.

U$D 1,000 for private couple workshop


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