Retreat for men cis/trans(male, female, non-binary) or anyone who have ever been identified as men. This is a sacred feminine opening work.

July 27th and 28st in São Paulo 
Connect with your vulnerability. Allow yourself to be emotionally authentic. Develop self-love with the full potential of your being through sensorial practices.

Learn how to connect in a deeper and richer way within yourself and others.

It`s all about sensitizing ourselves and our bodies, reframing values and perception of pleasure, connection and sexuality. Expanding it to a higher a state of consciousness. Open the sacred feminine in you! Meaning: learn to open up to others and to the world; be receptive and less mental. A retreat for gay, straight, bi, pan, demi, indecisive, curious, discreet men. Come as you are! The work is for us to learn to connect emotionally within our limitations. The Retreat is for over 18s only. 

In São Paulo we will have 20 hours of practice in 2 days of the course. Saturday and Sunday.
On friday there's an optional energy cleansing ceremony 8pm.

The first step will be: > Become aware of one's limits and how to communicate them during the process. 

You will experience: 

  • Energetic/emotional unblocking 
  • Group energy exchange dynamics 
  • Access feelings through interpersonal connections 
  • Ritual of self-acceptance of nudity and embracement of vulnerability (optional/adaptable) 
  • Development of the state of openness, perception and pleasure.


  • the 5 elemental touches 
  • Sensory art-installation 

Also trip in circular meditations: 

  • In Group and pairs Multi-Dimensional Healing Visualizations 
  • Empathy skill development 

We will also be doing a lot of Heart Sharing. The more vulnerable and open you are, more pleasure you feel. To tune into our feelings and share them in words (this is part of the supersensing process, not just the body work). 



Everything to make it easier for you to open up and shine in your vulnerability and authenticity.

Some talks and discussions of different points of view about gender roles, sexual orientation, self image, performative sex, pornography, chems, fetish and all those mind tricks that might keep us far away from real pleasure..

For singles, mono-couples, open-couples.

Here all religious expressions and different creeds in favor of love and compassion are welcome. The retreat is not intended to convert anyone, but to open our perception to reality through our feeling. Dani (facilitator) shares some of his personal practices that are very syncretic. If you don't feel comfortable or are offended by the syncretisms, this is not your place. If you don't believe in anything(as most of the participants), don't worry, you`ll fell a lot too!


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 You will get all directions after registration.      SÃO PAULO RETREAT CENTER


Open the videos on youtube and turn on subtitles


Por favor. o Tavinho está sendo muito requisitado por conta desta entrevista. O testemunho dele está aí! Não precisa mandar direct pra ele perguntando sobre o retiro. O vídeo que ele se refere está aqui

Everyone is required to authorize the use of their image because the event will be filmed and photographed, but you can pay the fee of 300.00 to have your face and tattoos blurred. Dani always shows and asks before posting anything, as we know it's a very delicate matter for some.

Remember that Dani is also a photographer and filmmaker. If you want an album of your process and/or a framed moment, just talk to him.



We also have private suites and entire houses to rent in São Paulo CHECK AVAILABILITY

Paypal, Transferwise, Swift.



GET IN TOUCH IF YOU FEEL THE CALL (Don't think, just feel if you should come or not)

Registration and room options via Whatsapp: +5511974556591 (please read the entire page before contacting)

Doubts and insecurities? You can send a whatsapp to Dani! You can ask whatever you want, no need to be ashamed! Be specific in your question. Avoid asking "can you send me more information?"

Images and videos from past editions in Instagram highlights @bittardaniel (activate instagram notification bell so you don't miss the next events).  Dani does not answer event questions on instagram.


I don't see "non-standard" body people in their images. I don't see myself represented! Is this event for me?

First of all, I apologize for not being able to represent all human diversity in my communication. I post pictures of my course participants who are comfortable with being exposed. Gradually I am building a plural image that best represents the retreat.

In tantra we want precisely to go beyond image and objectification to feel a. real connection. In addition, we will have many practices of self-love and self-acceptance.

What if I get ho.rn.y? I'm super

That's great! You will have more energy available to perform the exercises.

You will get new tools to learn how to channel your sexual energy into other areas of your life!

I don't want or can't appear in photos/videos!

The event will be filmed and photographed. You can pay the fee to become unrecognizable (blur on face and tattoos) in photos and videos. Dani always shows and asks before posting anything if you decide to show.

Is it just for couples? Or Singles?  How does it work?

You can come as a single person. You can come as a monogamous couple; together or separated. 

This is a individual inner work. The other and the group are there as a support for you to open up. If you still have doubts or insecurities send me a whatsapp. I will be happy to clarify your questions.

Is there nudity? Is it mandatory to be naked?

We have a ritual for body acceptance. You can adapt in the best way for your moment. Nothing is mandatory! Do whatever is more comfortable to you.

Is there an org.y at the end? Are the practices about pen.etration and

If you are looking for an event to satisfy your unconscious desire, I do not recommend this retreat! We will not have pen.etrative se.xual practices or anything conventional that you already know!

We will have sensory practices to consciously learn to feel pleasure, lust and tenderness. And also learn to channel that excess of energy, even for healing purposes. 

If you suffer from anxiety/hiperse.xuality, this retreat will help you integrate this energy in a healthy way.

I am ashamed and afraid to open up emotionally. Can I get it? Is it for me?

This is a safe space for you to open up at your own pace and at your own way. Everything with fluidity.; slowly.

If you have this kind of difficulty you should come to the retreat. Here it is not a performance space.. Be very welcome if you asked yourself this question.

I'm very, I'm not interested in spirituality but I feel the call

Welcome. We don't want to indoctrinate anyone, quite the contrary! We want to bring you the feeling of emotional freedom, take your energy to its peak and keep it there! We want you to clear away any sense of guilt and shame created by religious institutions. Possibly, you might find a transcendental experience. Or simply learn to be more open to life and feel more.

I am only interested in the spiritual part of tantra. Can I just do this part?

Unlike other spiritual practices that deny or repress sexuality, Tantra uses se.xua.l energy as fuel for our divine presence.

We invite you to delve deeper into your spiritual practice integrated with your sexuality. But as I always say, in your time. So yes, you can just to the meditation and energy practices.

How are pairs made? What if there's someone I'm not attracted to?

If you asked yourself this question you must be stuck in the validation cycle in your sexual pursuit. At the retreat you will learn to see beyond appearances and objectification. The choice of partner should be someone who inspires confidence and not necessarily imagery attraction. The exercises in pairs are affective-energetic and not

Sometimes the teacher chooses the pairs, sometimes the choice is free. We usually let fate/randomness choose. OBVIOUSLY if there is someone you don't feel comfortable with for whatever reason you are not obligated.

We will have instructions on how to communicate our limits, desires and learn how to deal with rejection.

What if there are participants out of the purpose of the retreat? Someone unspiritual wanting "something else"...

Excellent! This person will quickly get the vibe of the retreat. In 30 minutes of practice, we will all immerse ourselves in affective communion.

We have many rules on how to behave and deal with our desire and hornyness during practice. The work is precisely how to feel without respond; how to transmute energy and desire into something subtle.

If the person felt called, there is a reason why he's there.

Usually these people have a lot of energy and inevitably, in this retreat, it will reflect very strongly on their emotions. It's going to be an intense inner journey. Do not worry about their behavior. 

Obviously, if the participant does not cooperate with the rules, he will be prevented from doing the practices. (Happened only once in over 25 retreats and workshops).

Don't worry, the instructor is very careful and controlling with the flow of the group. VERY!

I want to find my healing/expansion and I'm worried about people wanting something else.

It is very beautiful and rewarding to see hyperse.xua.lized people learning to channel their sexual energy for healing. It is often these hyperse.xuali.zed people who help those in need of deeper healing. Because they have a lot of energy to give. 

Fui abusado se.xu.almente. É pra mim ?

Ouça o chamado dentro do seu coração.

O processo do retiro pode ser muito intenso mas muito libertador. 

Se essa questão ainda te desestabiliza recomendo fazer uma sessão individual antes para entendermos seu processo.

É bom pra quem não consegue fazer s.ex.o sem chems ?

Maravilhoso. Já leu a materia da uol sobre meu trabalho de ressensibilzação pós-chems?

E se tiver um participante com emoções negativas, eu vou absorver ?

Este é um trabalho de abertura empática emocional. Então sim, vocé vai absorver tudo e vai aprender como transmutar essas energias sem precisar ficar se protegendo e criando barreiras. Tantra é abertura. E a gente precisa ter ferramentas pra viver aberto.

Já nos primeiros exercícios vamos estar muito mais leves e limpos energética e emocionalmente. Não se preocupe.