Experience the full potential of your being through sensorial practices. Unleash your orgasmic power!

Learn how to connect in a deeper and richer way within yourself and others.

It`s all about sensitizing ourselves and our bodies, reframing values and perception of pleasure and sexuality, expanding it to a higher a state of consciousness. Come as you are (single, couple, trio. It doesn't matter!)

This is a 12 hour workshop divided in two days

You will experience

  • Emotional Group Bonding
  • Meditation for non meditators
  • Connection exercises for duos

You will learn Tantra Massage

  • Energy Massage (air touch)
  • Lingan and Yoni Massage (genital mind blowing touch; ancient techniques)
  • And some other juicy tips.

And also trip on circular breathing

  • Group
  • Couple

We will also do a lot of heart sharing to tune in our feelings and share it in words (this is parte of the super sensitization process, not only the bodywork)

Everything to make it easier for you to open up and shine in your vulnerability.

Some talks and discussions from my tantra school point of view about gender roles, performative sex, pornography, chems, fetish and all those mind tricks that might keep us closer or far away from real pleasure.. 



24 e 25 de Julho

14 e 15 de Agosto

28 e 29 de Agosto

2nd 3rd of OCTOBER

from 9.30am to 6pm

contact me if you feel the call

Whatsapp: +5511974556591

Instagram @therapytantra or @bittardaniel