8th Spiritual Tantriko CARNIVAL Retreat at Ilhabela/Brasil



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Connect with your vulnerability. Allow yourself to be emotionally authentic. Develop self-love with the full potential of your being through sensorial practices in brazilian tropical nature.

On this Carnival, learn how to connect in a deeper and richer way with yourself and others on the amazing coast of Brazil São Paulo.

This is about making ourselves and our bodies more open, redefining the values and perception of pleasure of our sexuality, expanding them to a state of super-consciousness.

Open the divine masculine and feminine within you! Transcend objectification, unlock yourself and connect to your inner truth. Come as you are and achieve self-love. Learn to touch, be touched with consciousness and affection, in your own time; always respecting your limitations.

You can come as a single person, couple (monogamous or non-monogamous), or trio. Gay, straight, bi, undecided, asexual. It doesn't matter!

Photos of the magical location: TEMPLO DO SER in Ilhabela, Brazil. Next to a wild tropical forest.

Indulge in the delightful flavors of our organic cuisine.

In Ilhabela, Brazil, we will have 40 hours of experiences during the days of February 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th. It is highly recommended to arrive at least a day before the retreat officially starts. And you can stay longer if you want.


The first step will be: > Become aware of one's limits and issues and how to communicate them during the process.

You'll experience a lot of self acceptance and self love practices:

  • Learning to find your boundaries and saying no
  • Learning to receive no
  • Meditation for Non-Meditators (in energy and in emptiness) 
  • Processes of releasing and unlocking internalized negative patterns
  • Yoga in the morning (for non-practitioners and intermediate )
  • Paired connection exercises (does not need to be a couple, we want to desexualize affections)
  • Finding state of openness, perception of energy and pleasure
  • Ritual for nudity and embracing vulnerability (optional/adaptable)
  • Conscious pleasure practices
  • Feel free to explore with other participants with consent tools in the consent Lab.

MEDICINAL CACAU (COCOA) RITUAL WITH GOLD (Ancestral non-hallucinogenic medicine that elevates us to a loving vibrational frequency)

    • experience the 5 elemental touches
    • Sensory art-installation
    • Basics of TANTRIK MASSAGE
    • Physical, emotional and auric empathetic openness

    Also trip in circular meditations:

    • In Group and in pairs Multi-Dimensional Healing Visualizations

We will do a lot of Heart Sharing to tune into our feelings and share them in words (this is part of the process of super-sensitization, it`s not only body/energy work).


Here is not a performing space, but rather a support group for you to feel safe and welcomed in your vulnerability.

Some lectures and discussions from the neo-tantra school's point of view on gender roles, performance in bed and in life, por.n0.graphy, what lies behind chems (and how the practices can help you to control it), fetishes, and all the mental facets that can keep us from self-love.

All of this is to make it easier for you to open up and shine in your vulnerability and authenticity!

Feeling insecure about joining? "This is the place where you can work through your insecurities with experienced professionals."

The Retreat is a place for you to feel comfortable in order to open your heart up. You are not obligated to do all of the activities if you don't want to. You are not obligated to pair with who you don't want to( this is part of consent work: saying no and receiving a no in healthy ways).  You will only do what you feel like doing or what you think you are ready to do. Or you can ask the facilitator how to adapt the exercises to your needs/level of openness.

"I'm not that troubled, I think the retreat isn't for me"  If you already have a path of self-awareness, self-love, self-esteem, and empathy established, it will be a process of celebrating and sharing who you are, expanding yourself into pleasure and consciousness. However, there's always old emotional material to work on! You are very welcome.

How to get there ? 

Fly to GRU (São Paulo airport) take the 3 hour bus from the airport to Ilhabela(São Sebastião) Ferry. Then a 15min taxi you are there! 

Or we provide a private driver for 120 USD.

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Course fee + food + accommodation      check-in 10am    |  check-out 5pm    

We recommend arriving a day early


The Carnival Retreat is filling up fast.

Hotel Luxe Shared Suite max. 2 people, more space for you, no queue for the shower with A/C. 

U$D 1500,00 per person

Hotel Individual Luxe Queen Bed Suite (last suite) with A/C

U$D  3.000,00 per person

 + 1000 with companion


The rest you can pay cash, credit card or bank transfer.

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Check UOL(biggest online news server in brazil) cover story about Daniel's work (WARNING MANY SPOILERS)


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check-in 10 am     check out 5 pm

CONTACT US IF YOU FEEL THE CALL (Don't think, just feel if you should come or not)

Registrations on Whatsapp: +5511974556591 (please read the whole page before contacting)

Do you have any doubts or insecurities? Check the FAQ above. If your question is not there, you can send a Whatsapp message to Dani! You can ask anything you want, no need to be shy! Be specific in your question.

Avoid asking "can you send more information?"!

"Better to ask, 'I am insecure about participating in the retreat because I don't have an ideal partner/body or because I am depressed/too sexual.'

Images and videos from previous editions in the highlights on Instagram @bittardaniel (turn on Instagram notifications so you don't miss the upcoming events).

After payment:

In case of withdrawal from the Body&Heart retreat:

The amount is non-refundable

From the payment.

But 70% of the amount remains as credit with a validity period of 6 months for a future Body&Heart retreat.

If you fail to attend without prior notice 1 day in advance, you lose 75% of your credit."




I'm a straight man

Hello straight man, if you made it this far and felt called, welcome to the Body&Heart retreat for MEN.

We are mostly gay/bi men wanting to open up affectively and emotionally. I think most likely you feel that same need!

Emotional-affective openness is something that men lack, regardless of sexual orientation.

STRAIGHT MAN CONFIDENT OF HIS SEXUAL ORIENTATION: All the straight men who came to my group work had wonderful experiences. Mainly because you won't have to struggle with the desire (eg. in sensory practices) and will go deeper within yourself. This is a unique opportunity. If you were in a group with women it would be more difficult to stay focused on your inner process.!

STRAIGHT MEN INSECURE/Disgusted/DIFFICULTY WITH OTHER MEN: If you feel this is the time for you to open up, welcome! We will be very happy to provide a safe space for you. Remembering, if there is any exercise that you are not comfortable with, you can not do it, adapt it or just watch it. It's a unique opportunity for you to be more relaxed and affectionate with other men in a safe space without judgments.

CURIOUS STRAIGHT MAN: Yes, we will have plenty of space to explore safely and consciously. But much more than exploring mental desire/fantasy, the retreat will bring the perception of energy and love that every human being has, regardless of labels. It can be a much broader opportunity than it seems. 

I don't see "non-standard" body people in their images/I don`t see people of my color. I don't see myself represented! Is this event for me?

First of all, I apologize for not being able to represent all human diversity in my communication. I post pictures of participants who are comfortable with being exposed. Gradually I am building a plural image that best represents the retreat.

In tantra we want precisely to go beyond image and objectification to feel a. real connection. In addition, we will have many practices of self-love and self-acceptance.

I feel I would need a more intense retreat with penetration, rough sex or fetish. Maybe this is not for me.

Maybe not. But welcome to explore the world of parasympathetic sexuality/affectivity and how much more intense it can be than spending nights in orgies having sex with drugs. 

About fetish, the retreat will invite you to learn to put your mind aside, leave aside ways of thinking that follow limiting rules. So you will basically learn to reach the levels of pleasure that the fetish brings you without the need for scripts or behaviors

What if I get ho.rn.y? I'm super se.xu.al

That's great! You will have more energy available to perform the exercises.

You will get new tools to learn how to channel your sexual energy into other areas of your life! 

I don't want or can't appear in photos/videos

The event will be filmed and photographed. You can pay the fee to become unrecognizable (blur on face and tattoos) in photos and videos. Just remember this is the main tool to keep the event alive. So Dani really appreciate if you can be part of our digital art (video and photos)

Dani will always show you and asks your permission before posting anything, if you decide to show up.

Is it just for couples? Or Singles? How does it work?

You can come as a single person. You can come as a monogamous couple; together or separated.

This is a individual inner work. The other and the group are there as a support for you to open up. If you still have doubts or insecurities send me a whatsapp. I will be happy to clarify your questions.

Is there nudity? Is it mandatory to be naked?

We have a ritual for body acceptance. You can adapt in the best way for your moment. Nothing is mandatory! Do whatever is more comfortable to you. You just need be aware there will be people naked around you at some point.

Is there an org.y at the end? Are the practices about pen.etration and fore.play?

Very often comment I hear from hipersexual people during the retreat: oh, that was so much more intense then an orgy with G.

If you are looking for an event to satisfy your unconscious desire, I do not recommend this retreat! We will not have pen.etrative se.xual practices or anything conventional that you already know!

We will have sensory practices to consciously learn to feel pleasure, lust and tenderness. And also learn to channel that excess of se.xu.al energy, even for healing purposes (yours and others, and thats an amazing feeling!).

If you have this question with you or if you suffer from se.xu.al anxiety/hiperse.xuality, this retreat will help you integrate this energy in a healthy way, sometimes even feeling more pleasure! 

I am ashamed and afraid to open up emotionally. Is this for me?

This is a safe space for you to open up at your own pace and at your own way. Everything with fluidity.; slowly.

If you have this kind of difficulty you should come to the retreat. Here it is not a performing space. This are practices to learn how to open up. Be very welcome if you asked yourself this question.

And don`t worry about others: the hipersexual, exhibitionist, boastful, super liberal guys will also face their hindrances. Usually men have a lot of difficulties to allow themselves to feel love and affection. Yet, after the first day usually everybody tunes in empathy. So everyone will be there holding space for you. (And the group will expect the same from you).

I'm very se.xu.al, I'm not interested in spirituality but I feel the call to be there

Welcome. We don't want to indoctrinate anyone, quite the contrary! We want to bring you the feeling of emotional freedom, take your energy to its peak and keep it there for a long period! We want you to clear away any sense of guilt and shame created by religious institutions. Possibly, you might find a transcendental experience. Or simply learn to be more open to life and feel long lasting pleasure

I am only interested in the spiritual part of the practice. Can I just do this part?

Unlike other spiritual practices that deny or repress sexuality, Tantra uses se.xua.l energy as fuel for our divine presence.

We invite you to delve deeper into your spiritual practice integrated with your sexuality. But as I always say, in your time. So yes, you can just to the meditation and energy practices.

How are pairs made? What if there's someone I'm not attracted to?

If you asked yourself this question you must be stuck in the validation cycle in your sexual pursuit. At the retreat you will learn to see beyond appearances and objectification. The choice of partner should be someone who inspires confidence and not necessarily imagery attraction. The exercises in pairs are affective-energetic and not se.xu.al.

Sometimes the teacher chooses the pairs, sometimes the choice is free. We usually let fate/randomness choose. OBVIOUSLY if there is someone you don't feel comfortable with for whatever reason you are not obligated.

We will have instructions on how to communicate our limits, desires and learn how to transmute rejection and emotional triggers energy.

What if there are participants out of the purpose of the retreat? Someone unspiritual wanting to take advantages of the vulnerability momements?

This person will quickly get the vibe of the retreat. In 30 minutes of practice, we will all immerse ourselves in affective communion.

We have many rules on how to behave and deal with our desire and hornyness during practice. The work is precisely how to feel without respond; how to transmute energy and desire into something subtle. So it`s a training for all of us to learn how to stay within even in a very 'uhum' moment.

If the person felt called, there is a reason why he's there.

Usually these people have a lot of se.xu.al energy and inevitably, in this retreat, it will reflect very strongly on their emotions. It's going to be an intense inner journey. Do not worry about their behavior.

Part of the job is to understand the moments when we try to take advantage of situations to have a misery of pleasure (ex. trying to feel the masseur co.ck). We want to learn to put these states of misery aside and step in real pleasure, se.xual, emotional and even spiritual (for some).

Obviously, if the participant does not cooperate with the rules, he will be prevented from doing the practices. (Happened only once in over 25 retreats and workshops).

Don't worry, the instructor is very careful and controlling with the group flow VERY!

I want to find my healing/expansion and I'm worried about people wanting something else.

It is very beautiful and rewarding to see hyperse.xua.lized people learning to channel their sexual energy for healing. It is often these hyperse.xuali.zed people who help those in need of deeper healing. Because they have a lot of energy to give. And they get the healing tools. And magic happens.

Will I learn to love myself more and need less validation?


I am very hurt emotionally. Can this help me ?

First of all, listen to the call within your heart to participate in this work.

And yes! It can help a lot to process stagnant emotions and bring more calm and clarity to our being.

I was se.xu.ally abused. It's for me ?

Hear the call within your heart.

The retreat process can be very intense but very liberating.

If this issue still destabilizes you, I recommend you doing an individual session (online or in person) beforehand so that we can understand your process.

Is it good for those who can't do sex without ch.ems?

Wonderful. Have you read uol's article about my post-chems resensitization work? here or ask Daniel.

And if there is a participant with negative emotions, will I absorb it?

This is emotional empathetic opening work. So yes, you will absorb everything and learn how to transmute these energies without having to protect yourself and create barriers. Tantra is openness. And we need to have tools to live openly.

Already in the first exercises we will be much lighter and cleaner energetically and emotionally. Don't worry.


Vibrational Therapist

Advertising graduate from ESPM and film director from the International Academy of Cinema

Daniel has connected with the art of Healing and the initiation into the Sacred Feminine during his travels around the world.

Master in Reiki, training, tantric experiences in Brazil, India, and Koh Phangan. Coach in sexuality and relationships, apprentice of shamanism.

Daniel conducts Tantra Retreats, meditative techniques, corporal narrative experiences, and individual therapeutic processes.

and our Yoga teacher


Physical Educator, Ayurvedic Therapist, and yoga teacher from the Yin Yang Vinyasa Yoga School.

Magni connected with the art of bodywork as a physical educator, and soon there was an awakening for a deeper search beyond the physical. This led to a pursuit of the paths and teachings of yoga, which brought about a profound awakening of the consciousness of Being.

A holistic therapist, he now travels across Brazil offering sessions of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, yoga classes, and retreats.